English Assessment

What is your Pre - IELTS English Level?

Registering for our English Assessment is an ideal way to discover your Pre - IELTS English level. This assessment quickly evaluates your language proficiency by testing your Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking skills and gives you an insight on where you stand on the IELTS scale. Of course, it cannot replace the actual IELTS exam, but can give you an approximate idea of your English level before you sit for an IELTS exam.

This assessment is the best way to understand what level your English skills are at present. We offer this test for applicants using any of our migration & JOB services. For a more accurate result, we advise you to take our IELTS MOCK test which follows the British Council IELTS exam format.

  • Assessment Fees : $ 50 ( Will be offset from Course / Program fee )
  • FREE for the candidates who have already Signed Up.

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